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Cha Cha Culebra

Meet Cha Cha Culebre. She comes from an impressive lineage of serpentines. Most notably her mother Janice who played the top tier asp of Medusa's crown of snakes in the 1981 blockbuster Clash of the Titans. Her uncle Theodore played Kaa in the 1967 Disney classic The Jungle Book. Cha Cha's life is a story of survival, having been smuggled through customs disguised as a handbag. Fast forward, no sense in boring you with another unbearable sob story. This starlet got her lucky break when she met Peaches Va Voom at a (where doesn't really matter, but it included a guy named Petron.) After a fog of whirlwind travels, nameless faces and shady deals, she was asked to join Tucson's premier vaudeville company, Cabaret Boheme. Cha Cha is excited to be part of the amazing cast of Viva La Naughty and hopes you will have a fantastic ride!




luna belle

When this song bird isn't channeling her inner Amy she's out saving the world.  Luna Belle is a champion of the underdog.  This SoCal beauty is just as comfortable at the beach as she is fighting for justice.  We at Cabaret Boheme like to think of her as our own bikini clad super hero.  She is also known as the jewel of the Sonora, the toast of Sahuarita, and the chorizo of South Tucson.  Watch out...this little Latina is spicy!


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