HipNautique is a professional belly dance troupe offering performance and instruction. Our rotating roster of professional dancers currently includes Ziva, Marjani, Aziza, Leona, Brook, and Stacey.

Together, we have 30+ years of experience performing Egyptian, folk, and cabaret styles. Our dancers have performed in major cities from New York to San Diego and Phoenix, and have studied with some of the most famous names in Raks Sharqi dance.


All of our dancers are experts with zills (finger cymbals), veil, cane and sword dancing. 

HipNautique is located in Tucson, Arizona. We are based out of HipNautic Studios, L.L.C.

We are available to dance both public and private events, and to teach private lessons. Family friendly only. Contact us for more information and for rates via the contact link above.

Photographer: Dave Stockero


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